Thanks for always support from so many people, we had 15th anniversary in February,2019.
Based on our Management Policy “For the smile of our customers…”,
we have been working aiming to No.1 taxi company in our town but we are still on our way.
We will do our best to continue to build strong relartionship with our customer.
<Please feel free to contact us from the inquiry form here>

Useful usage of taxi

NO.1  Shared-Taxi using expressway between <Iida-Matsumoto>

Shared-Taxi is in operation from Iida Station, Iga Ryo, Kosoku Kamida, Kosoku Takamori, and Kosoku Matsukawa in Iida City to Shindai Hospital,
Aizawa Hospital, and Ichinose Neurosurgical Hospital stops in Matsumoto City.
You can use it not only for going to hospital but for facilities closing to the stop.
There is only 1 round-trip from Iida Station to Shindai Hospital at AM 7:20(out-bound)
and from Shindai Hospital to Iida Station at PM 13:30 (in-bound).
Please make a reservation by PM 21:00 the day before.

NO.2  We assist your shopping!

Now many people go shopping using taxi.
Sometimes you may wait during the shopping time,
 in case the crew will go along with you.
Please feel free to ask for help.
We will help you to carry your luggage as much as possible.

NO.3  If you are in trouble with the battery up...

Please feel free to call us !
We will hurry to you with a booster cables as soon as possible!
You only need just taxi fee from the nearest sales office.
(Sometimes we can not connect our cables such new model of vehicles.
Please request us after confirmation of  your model.)

NO.4   Sudden rain ... How about an umbrella in such a case?

Apple cabs have small umbrellas for unexpected sudden rain,
so please feel free to ask our driver.
We would appreciate it if you could return it the next time you use our service.
If some vehicles do not replenish it, we would appreciate your kind understanding.

NO.5  We always open the door when you get on & off the taxi

We always open the door when you get on & off the taxi but we also carry your baggage.
Please feel free to ask our driver,
" help me to carry my luggage!"

NO.6  Tourist guide is in the taxi

Linear Express will start operation in 10 years and Santo Nanshin Expressway will also start soonly.
There are many good sightseeing in Iida Shimoina area.We will provide kinds of tourist information, so please feel free to ask us.
There are various sightseeing and tourist facilities during the season.
Why don't you take a vacation in our town?
“ We also have employees specialized in tourist information.”

Good Value Services

NO.1  Designated driver service (taxi fare + 500 yen)

You can use designated driver serveice with taxi fare + 500 yen.
Of course, we have insurance, so you can use our service with no worries.

【Reception time】
From PM 17:00 to AM 2:00

Depending on the time, above fare may be 1,000 yen (taxi fare +1,000 yen)

In addition, please note that taxi fare would be +1000 yen 
from AM 3:00 to PM 5:00 on weekday,sunday and public holiday
according to our industrial regulation.

We would appreciate your kind understanding.

NO.2  Towel service (in summer only)

If you feel your hands dirty, you can use
the hand towels prepared in our taxi.

When you are hot or sweaty, you can feel refreshed 
just by cleaning your hands with a wet towel.

Other Services

NO.1  You can use all credit card payment!

All credit card payments are available.
You can use any credit cards  <VISA, JCB, Master, AMEX, DinersClub>, etc.
We use payment system, which is called "SAT SYSTEM".

In addition to credit card payment, you can use"BLUE CARD" and  point card of "Ponta Card".
Please feel free to contact our driver.


We are in alliance with "Tokyo Musen group". 
You can use any taxi and "taxi ticket common for all prefectures of Japan"
from 65 companies in Tokyo and over 100 taxi companies from Hokkaido to Okinawa.

For more detail information, please search with " Tokyo Musen group" or contact us.

You can call us by smart phone application.
Please install apllication of "Japan Taxi".

Free download "Japan Taxi" for smartphone

 "JapanTaxi(ジャパンタクシー)" is most shared taxi application in Japan.
This appllication covers all useful functions from taxi arrangements and reservations to taxi fare payments.

NO.3  You can use point cards!

BLUE CARDS for Watahan, Heiando, Shoemart and Itakuni etc.
Ponta card for Lawson etc.
We adds points!
Please feel free to ask our driver when you make a payment.

NO.4  We are awaiting for you in front of station and buss stop
     of expressway <other service area>

JR Iida station=Iida station, Kiriishi station, Kanae station, Ina-yawata station, Dashina station,Tenryūkyō station and Kosoku Igara buss stop (ringo no sato)
Old sales office=Outemachi, Kamisato,Kanae, Yawata, Igara, Yamamoto and Komaba
Big store=AEON Iida shop, AEON Inter shop and APITA Iida shop
Hospital=Iida municipal hospital, Iida hospital, Kenwakai hospital and Kizankai hospital.

その⑤  Assistant Taxi Service

There are 2 kinds of taxis; "Stretcher lift car"  on which you can move with your legs extended and "Wheelchair car" which you can be on a wheelchair in the taxi.

Please tell us to come by "Stretcher lift car" or "Wheelchair car" when you request us.
We are also able to pick up from your room of hospital etc.

Please feel free to contact us for any kind of usage, including shopping to supermarket and pharmacy etc. 
Our crew always sincerely assist you.

We also have discounts so please ask our driver!

  • Discout for visiting hospital :100 yen for 1 time
  • Doscount for handicapped or mentally-handicapped person :10% discount
  • Discount for person returned his/her car license :10% discount
  • Discount for long distance : 10% for excess charge over 9000 yen